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"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."   - Will Rogers
Hiring with Bulls-Eye Accuracy

Past performance history Ė itís the key to identifying top leadership talent for your company.

Thatís why measurement of past performance is our primary discovery tool. We carefully peel back each candidateís background layer by layer. If genuine accomplishment exists, we find it. Itís a methodical approach that spares you the "style over substance" trap - so often the hallmark of partially competent candidates. We focus on a person's ability to do the job, not just get the job. Our approach generates two key outcomes:

  1. You Gain Reliable Prediction of Performance

    Yes, personality, presentation skills and first impressions are important, but past performance is the best predictor of future performance.

  2. We Find Hidden Talent

    We identify the candidate whose talent might be hidden by a traditional experience-based search. This enables us to go well beyond resume bullets checked against required Ďexperienceí bullets in a job specification. The result? Discovery of hidden talent (and a widening of the qualified candidate pool!)

We Know How to Build Management Teams

We understand the process---the myriad elements critical to the success of any search assignment, from assessing, negotiating, and closing a targeted candidate to carefully managing their mind-set and expectations until start date and beyond. Itís why at AHA, the senior consultant you speak with is the one who will conduct your search. We wonít pass off your project to a trainee, or someone in our research department.

What Works

Our search methodology and business experience is what anchors our understanding of your recruiting needs. We know you want a top performer who will make you more competitive. We know you wonít settle for anything less. At AHA we recruit the best for you --- our reputation depends on it.


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