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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."   - Aristotle

In the recruiting business, everyone talks about partnership. But at A. Herndon & Associates, we make it happen. How? By delivering measurable success via three industry-leading "best practices":


    Our performance-based search methods identify and secure the best talent for your organization.
    Benefit: Your long-term retention prospects will soar as new hires get you to your goals faster.


    Your time is valuable.
    Benefit: You can concentrate your efforts on running your business; we concentrate on your search.


    With AHA, your recruiting budgetís ROI becomes undeniably favorable.
    Benefit: Solid, repeatable results and an "actual cost" pricing model foster long-term, increasingly efficient relationships.

Experience Makes The Difference

Executive search isnít rocket science. Frankly, itís a "black art" of tireless networking, discreet politicking, insightful profiling and candid assessing. We know what works. We know what doesnít. It all adds up to experience. Weíve been getting results for our clients since 1983 Ė with an enviable track record to show for it.

Professional Front-end Representation

After an initial meeting wherein we scope out the mission, identify issues and openly discuss any hot spots, weíre off and running. As our relationship matures and we become more familiar with your corporate culture, the whole process becomes more intuitive and efficient. Trust grows, and your time-critical involvement is even further minimized.

You Only See The Finalists

If you want to see lots of resumes, then AHA probably isnít for you. Youíll never endure a flood of paper or any other bogus scattergun tactics from us. From candidate pool aggregation to reference checking we handle the critical screening process, then present you with several legitimately developed, fully interviewed candidates - via a combination of phone, teleconference and/or personal interviews, depending on your budget - that we believe can do the job. Our process works. It has to - we stake our credibility and reputation on the fact that one or more of these highly qualified candidates will be hired.

Money Well Spent

Maybe itís only money, but itís your money. Our pricing model is designed to position your interests first while generating the best possible results time and time again. Thatís the true spirit of a sustainable business partnership; and thatís the AHA difference.




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